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Coach team

Dojo leader

Heinz Tolotto, 4th Dan

Vocational training:  trained retoucher,

self-employed since 1990  Tolotto Create,

Image editing,  Visualization,  3D

Sports career:
Started karate in 1974
1st Dan 1980 SKR / SKF / JKA, at Sensei Enoeda, London
2nd Dan 1990 SKR / SKF / JKA, with Sensei Sugimura, Zurich
3rd Dan 2003 SKR / SKF, 2017 JKA
at Sensei Sugimura, Lucerne / Bern
4th Dan 2013 SKR / SKF, at Sensei Sugimura, Bern
Youth + Sports Director 2007

Foundation of the Ken Jin Kai Karate School  in Zumikon, 2007 
* Senior sports director 2008 Adult sports director 2010/2012/2014 *
  BASPO (Federal Office for Sport)

Karate, golf, skiing, mushrooms, specialist literature, listening to music

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