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Training structure

We can training up to 3 times a week. A training sequence lasts 90 minutes.  The course of a training is structured as follows:


Warm up and stretch intensively before training.  Various proven gymnastics systems are combined for this purpose.  We also value good breathing technique. These  supports the whole training and is an important factor.

Primary Training

After  Gymnastics, follows the execution of the elementary training (Kihon). This is an essential part of karate training. The correct execution of the basic techniques,  starting from the middle of the body (Harra, Tanden),  with arms and legs is the basis for all other components such as kumite and kata. As the practice progresses, these elements can be performed and combined more and more correctly, smoothly and powerfully.  That promotes good ones  Posture, elasticity, strength, concentration, coordination and breathing.


The next part of the training is the so-called  Kumite. Here the basic techniques from elementary school are practiced with a partner  - is stopped  in front of the body, without physical contact. Attack and defense are carried out. This means that the attack technique is announced before the execution. The defender  blocks the attack with the elementary school technique and counters it with targeted, powerful technique. As the training progresses, this form of exercise is carried out freely from the movement. This promotes concentration, coordination, reflexive reactions and courage.


The final part of the training  form  the katas. When performing a kata, the movements are trained according to predetermined processes (embossing). Here, the elementary school techniques are used to fight imaginary opponents. This means that with every movement one should imagine the corresponding fighting situation. Kata is the combination of elementary school (Kihon) and Kumite (combat exercise). A well executed kata is characterized by flowing,  rhythmical  fast and slow passages  off .  Imagination, concentration, suppleness and  Aesthetics are thereby promoted.

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